Sunday, February 19, 2017

Swimming in the South Island

Hi there
My computer is still not allowing me to get into the web so, again, I am one-fingering this entry on my Kindle Fire.  I'll have to call in a guy.  When I rang my service provider, I couldn't understand a word the help desk guy was saying -he was speaking computer-eese.

I got fine weather every day on My Big South Island Road Trip.  It only rained at night.  And talking about wetness (notice my clever segue there...?),  wherever I went swimming on my holiday the water was really really cold!

I swam in the sea at the Abel Tasman National Park (cold, but not too cold), Cleopatra's Pool (colder) Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown (so very cold), Lake Tekapo (freezing, it's a glacier-fed lake).

At all places, I obeyed the 2-minute swimming rule which decrees that after you  jump in, don't scream at the cold followed instantly by running  out of the water.  University boffins have decreed that it takes two minutes for your body to acclimatise.  So, in the really cold lakes, I managed about ten minutes. And, I'm telling you, my four readers, it was ... hell!!!

By contrast, when I got back to Hataitai Beach, it was like swimming in a warm bath.

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