Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Hi there

Well, I've reached Lake Tekapo in My Great South Island Road Trip.  See above.

Yesterday, I spent time at Mt Cook/Aorangi.  I had been intending to go on a nice long Sound of Music sort of wander among the mountains but when I got up close to them, when I was actually standing with my feet planted solidly on the bottom of the Southern Alps mountain range, and looked upward, I decided against it.  Those mountains were just so darn big, tall, ferocious, scary!  So easy to get lost.

So, I went on a nice little hour's walk on a well-used track next to the Hermitage Hotel instead.  Wuss!

I had a nice buffet lunch at the hotel with the most magnificent view of snow-capped Mt Cook/Aorangi (N Z's highest mountain).  The drive off the main highway to get to Mt Cook Village is supposed to take about 40 minutes but with everybody (including me) stopping every 500 or so metres to take photos, it takes longer.  The best view, of course,  is close-up at Mt Cook Village.

I had a lovely swim in Lake Tekapo yesterday.  I cant get over the gorgeous blue colour of the water.

Above: the first From-a-distance shot of Mt Cook/Aorangi.  I couldn't see my Kindle Fire screen because of sun so I could only point and hope!  I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera...

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