Thursday, December 6, 2012

at the pictures

When I was a kid living in Onehunga, we used to go to the pictures every Friday and Saturday. We called the movie theatre "The Bughouse", there was a weekly serial,  and often when we went to sit down there was no seat there!  People would take fish and chips into the theatre and, really, looking back now, it was a terrible place.  But we didnt know any beter

I thought I'd left those days way behind me.  But I went to the movies yesterday to see "Skyfall".  It was only about a 100 seater little theatre and it must have been a day off for kids finishing their school exams because there were about 20 youths sitting behind me.  All, I would guess, under the age of 16.    This theatre was not, repeat-not, my usual theatre, i.e. it was not the Roxy in Miramar.

By the end of the performance the three back row aisle steps were completely utterly positively covered in popcorn that had been thrown around; the carpet looked like snow.  One youth earlier had yelled out to his mates that he wanted to do a certain something to himself (actual wordage censored by me!).  Someone yelled out "Wait until the lights go down".

There was an adult and his wife sitting in front of me.  Half way through the man got up, crossed the aisle and told the lad opposite to stop doing something.  Previously the  lad had had both legs high up on the seat in front.   I can only imagine what he had been doing.

The boys didnt appreciate the story behind the film.  They only appeared to be there for the action sequences.  There is a glorious scene where Bond is tied up and the villain starts sensually fingering Bond's naked chest, neck, face.  The villain sexily says something like, "There's a first time for everything, Mr Bond.".  Bond answers something like, ""What makes you think it would be the first time."    Absolutely hilarious.  But the lads behind me had no understanding of what had just occurred.  It was up to me and the couple in front to snort in appreciation.

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