Friday, December 21, 2012

Gandalf hat from "The Hobbit" premiere

At the world premiere of "The Hobbit" part 1" in Wellington last November, they threw out into the crowds, Gandalf hats.  They had the premiere name, date, etc on them.  I expect the other premieres around the world will have the hat thrown out, too, but with different dates and venues on them.  They are made from felt and they made beaut sunhats on the day.

I had my 4th swim for December at Hataitai Beach today.  I need five swims this month to make it a minimum of five swims a month all through this year.  Even if there's a hurricane, a typhoon, a tsunami, the worst, coldest storm in history every day until the end of December, I still have to get in one more swim, otherwise every swim this year, including all those terribly cold winter swims, will have been for naught.   Darn it, J has already done her five swims for this month.  We decided that this month only (being December when we didn't know if we could coincide with each other) we would be allowed to swim singly (rule book rule).

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  1. You got a hat!!! la de da - they wouldn't give any hats to us however hard we begged.