Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fifth Swim!

We've made it!  J and I have now done our "minimum of 5 swims per month for the year 2012"  Yippeee.  Including the winter, and in just bathing suits, not wet suits.  Easy peasy over summer months, a bit difficult over winter months trying to get those swims in - what with bad weather, holidays intruding, etc.  Today and yesterday the water at Hataitai Beach was truly nice.  And for the last couple of days we've seen a host of our summer friends.  What does annoy me however are the kayaks and paddle boards aplenty!  When I'm swimming I don't see them until they're almost on top of me.  Today, there was a four person kayak, three of the four on board were uncoordinated children.  I only got out of the way in time.

I was surprised the weather was so gorgeous this morning when there was supposed to be rain.  I could hardly wait to get to the beach with my sandwiches!  After my swim, the sun was out for about a half an hour and I was deep in a book.  When I looked up, I saw that there was a heap of mist that had rolled in through the airport and was crossing the water, heading toward Petone,  at a fast rate.  In the bottom picture, youi can see a sort of gap in the background hills.  This gap is called The Cutting and it leads in to the suburb of Miramar where I live in Wellington.

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