Saturday, December 15, 2012

My holiday at Ohope Beach

I've just returned from two weeks at Ohope Beach, a half a dozen or so kms from the township of Whakatane (where the infamous "Skyfall" movie viewing took place).  The weather was gorgeous.  Over the first week the temps were between 24c and 29c!  Great, for December.

I seemed to spend most of my time at Ohope a) eating strawberry sundaes with strawberries fresh from Julian's Berry Farm, b) eating oysters from Ohiwa oyster farm, and c) boogie-boarding. Oh, I also spent a lot of time hobbling around with my hiking stick. As I hobbled along the beach, I tried to pretend I was out for a jaunty hike, but I think passersby quickly caught onto the fact that I was using my stick like a drowning person would cling desperately to a life-raft. I'm used to walking a loooong way along Ohope Beach but this time I could only go at the most about 400 metres. It was so sad. One day, my heel was so bad that I took a chance and parked in a disabled parking spot outside the shopping complex - then I sat in my car and cried ... If I'd parked in the normal parking area it would have been about 20 extra paces; too much to walk.

Here's a pic taken at Mt Maunganui.  I took it from Main Beach, and you can see through to Pilot Bay at the end of the road.


I went over to Tauranga and Mt Maunganui for a day (about an hour and a quarter drive from Whakatane).  I swam at Pilot Bay, Mt Maunganui, which I like far better than the Main Beach.  Pilot Bay is a more 'swim-friendly' beach whereas Main Beach is all about surf, bikinis and preening.  However I did enjoy sitting outside a nice posh cafe at The Mount and watching  all the beautiful people go by.

(I havent seen "The Hobbit" yet.  It was on in Whakatane but I didnt know if the theatre there had the right equipment to watch the movie in all it's glory so I will go this coming week in Wellington  Besides I didn't want to be covered in popcorn or have to tell randy teenage boys off for various unnamed theatre antics!).

These top two photos are of Main Beach, Mt Maunganui.

The above pic is of the view of part of MaraeTotara park from the deck of my Manchester Unity holiday home at Ohope Beach.  A children's playground in foreground.  The rental home is up for sale.  Hope it's not sold.

 A view from the Ohiwa Oyster Farm, just out of Ohope.

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