Monday, March 25, 2013

Get behind me, chocolate (but maybe just within arm's reach, yeah?)

Hi there
My little trip to Taupo was quite happy.  Nothing of (bad) consequence happened, which as you know is quite unusual on a holiday for me.

As I was wandering past The Coffee Club (franchised) cafe in Taupo, a sign caught my eye.  A mouth-watering picture of pancakes with blueberries/blackberries/strawberries ... and ice cream!

What?  No bananas?  whoopeee...  So many pancake meals include bananas.  I hate bananas.  If I was on a desert island and there were only bananas to eat, I'd have to die of starvation.  I do luuuuurve berries of any type.

And I adore ice cream.  So many pancake meals don't include ice cream.

I was in heaven.  I rushed inside, allowing myself a special dispensation from my diet.  I mean, this was pancakes.  Without banana.  And with ice cream.  Have my three readers yet realised the significance of all this to me?

The plate came with a tiny silver-ish jug of what I presumed to be maple syrup.  I poured it liberally over each pancake.  My eyesight isn't as great as it could be because I stared in horror as I saw I was pouring on thick chocolate sauce.  It was bad enough the calories I was planning to eat but ..... hundreds of additional calories in the form of addiction-riddled chocolate!!!

I'd avoided chocolate in all forms for a month now.  The chocolate cravings for the first three weeks had been terrible, but it was now out of my system and I'd felt all the better for it.

But what's a gal to do when her just-about-favourite-meal-in-the-whole-world is sitting in front of  her and it's covered in thick chocolate syrup.

Well, I ate it all of course.  Cross fingers, no lasting effects.  (Aside:  at the supermarket yesterday, my feet sort of trotted over to the chocolate-coated lamington cakes.  But, thank goodness, with a stern internal telling-off by my conscience,  - accompanied by the repeated whispered reciting of the mantra "no-no-no" -  I pulled myself away and bought some carrot sticks instead.)

  Here's a pic of the old boat, the Ernest Kemp, that takes passengers for a little cruise on Lake Taupo.

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