Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ohau cafe. Plus Hataitai Beach


1)  On my second trip back from Levin the other day, I was so upset I stopped off at a cafe/restaurant in Ohau for lunch.  To heck with my diet.   11 days down and I was giving up.  Bring on the sweet things, the meat pies, the cola drinks with sugar.  Out with diet stuff.  I want to eat!

I ordered a lamb burger (It may have been a mixture lamb/beef burger; can't remember all that well).  It arrived with chips and salad.  What is it about lamb burgers that they truly are so bland?  I'm always searching for one that has real taste to it.  This burger looked very raw but - ah-ha! - I watch "MasterChef" and "My Kitchen Rules" and all those Jamie Oliver programmes (admission:  I really just watch for gorgeous little Jamie, I never much pay sattention to the actual cooking).  On all these programmes the judges, looking at lamb dishes, always say "it's not raw-looking enough", or "it's too well-cooked", or "I want to see the blood!".    So, I knew my burger was definitely cooked.

Anyway, the second the burger arrived, I sort of came to my senses.  I was dieting, darn-it!  I left the bottom part of the bun, and only ate half of the top (the buns were hardly toasted - naughty chef).  I did eat quarter of the chips and all of the burger (so sue me....).

Ohau is just past Levin if you're travelling south..  Ohau Cafe had a nice atmosphere.   The chef (Nic Cohen) apparently has dished up dishes for Oprah and Gordon Ramsay.  The cakes, muffins, etc, really looked scrumptious.

2)  the other day, after my swim at Hataitai Beach, I went to cross the pedestrian crossing to get to my car.  I dithered slightly on the crossing because I didn't know if the approaching car was going to slow down for me.  It did, and I continued to my own car a few metres away.

But suddenly the car screeched to a stop beside me as I was burrowing in my car's boot.  The driver yelled out,  "Don't you know what a triangle means?"

He was gay?  

He drove away, still yelling something angrily at me.

I still don't know what the guy was on about.  All I can think of are the triangles that are painted on the road to warn drivers of a pedestrian crossing coming up.  Did this angry driver think because I knew he was going to stop I shouldn't have dithered but walked straight into the line of traffic?  I trust drivers in lots of situations but when I see a car barrelling toward me, I would prefer to stop and see if his plan truly is to put on the brakes.

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