Thursday, March 28, 2013

Songs to carry a coffin out to?

There's a terrible amateur-ish commerical on New Zealand television where people are sitting around telling us what songs they want played at their funeral.  I've always zoned out before the end but I guess the commercial is sponsored by some funeral insurance company.  It's got me seriously thinking.  What song do I want played when my coffin is carried out of the church?

For years I've told folk that I wanted to be carried out to the accompaniment of Cliff Richard's "Summer Holiday".  I've always fancied the words "We're all going on a summer holdiay ...." to be sort of perfect for starting another chapter of one's evolution.

But I now have a new song to accompany my coffin.  It's the theme from" Star Trek: Enterprise".

The tune is officially called "Faith of the Heart".  I always thought this song was the most boring television theme song of all time.  Then I went to a karaoke night, and  it was sung by four guys who swayed arms and cigarette lighters during  the chorus, and sung absolutely atrociously and, okay,let's admit it, a wee bit drunkedly.

However, the guys got the audience to participate, and I was hooked.  It's what I want done at my funeral.  I want all the attendees to leap from the pews during the chorus and sway their arms lin time to the music and sing lustily and probably out of tune, just as if they were at a concert.  The words are so-perfect for a funeral. 

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