Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Headlands Sculpture Walk, Waiheke Island

Hi there.  Every February on Waiheke Island, 40 mins by ferry from Auckland city, there is a sculpture walk.  There is a bus that takes you from a pavilion  near where the ferry lands, to a top point on the island,and returns you again at finish of your walk. 

On arrival at the top of the island, you walk down a 3 km track past loads of modern sculptures, and the most beautiful scenery imaginable.   You only have to pay a few dollars for the bus ride.    And if you've got thousands of dollars you can buy one of the  sculptures for your backyard.

Because of my sore foot, I did have a bit of trouble with the downhill bits, but once when I stumbled  on a step a gorgeous young man rushed to my aid and I swooned against his chest like some giggly teenage girl.

There was one sculpture that had everybody around me puzzled.  It wasnt until I said "The Birds?  The movie?  Alfred Hitchcock?" that people twigged.  It pays to be a movie buff.

Another sculpture was like a giant tree harp that could be played.   And yet one more sculpture (behind me in photo)  was a sort of large gazebo that was made up entirely of joined-together off-cut scraps of wood.  One man I talked to was amazed by this because he said there was no skeleton holding up the scraps of wood.       It was such a hot day.  About 30c every day I was on Waiheke.

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