Thursday, August 29, 2013

Embarrassing moment for the Sitcom Queen (me!)

Hi there

I know that we all have embarrassing moments, but I seem to have them more frequently than other people.  My friends reckon I have most of them (plus injuries) when I'm away on holiday but the other day I proved that embarrassing incidents can happen just as easily to me at home, as on holiday.

I was in Countdown Supermarket in Kilbirnie.  A young guy walked toward me with something strapped to his chest.  I peered closer.  Oh, yes, I think it was a baby, in a little hold-all, but this was hard to make out because the guy was so big and the hold-all so tiny.  I opened my mouth to say something, to coo over the baby, if indeed it was a baby.  This is what came out of my mouth:

"Oh, what's that tiny thing you've got below there?"

(Pause..... whilst my four readers snigger, then collapse in fits of giggles)

Okay, okay, foot-in-mouth time, most extraordinary.  But I still didn't click onto the deeper meaning of my words.  How naive am I?

For a split second, the guy actually looked lower down than the cute little baby nestled against his chest.  I was still happily old-person smiling away.

It was a one week old girl, so the guy hurriedly explained to me.

And we went our merry ways.  It wasn't till about an hour later, I realised my giant faux pas.  J, my swimming buddy,  later said to me - she was all but rolling on the floor in hysterics - that the guy would no doubt by now - it was 6 pm in the evening - be at the pub regaling the tale to his mates as probably he would be doing hundreds more times in the future.  Oh what a laugh-in everybody would have.

Thanks, J.  So great at confidence-building....

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