Friday, August 30, 2013

Plantar Fasciitis? - what is it good for? ... (altogether now: ) ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

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A few days after I returned from Las Vegas, I visited my doctor.  Show and Tell Time.  I carried into his surgery a huge bag stuffed with  shoes, orthotic inserts, and gel heels.  I was just about at the end of my tether.

"Do you know what I've been wearing for nine months?  Nine months?  Nine loooooong months?" I all but hollered.  "These - !"  I shook a clunky hiking sandal in my doctor's face.  "And these - !"  I flourished forth a thick-soled pair of  black New Balance trainers.  "And what about these-!   A swag of shoe inserts landed on his desk, followed by half-a-dozen shoes that hadn't made the grade.

My doctor  said he took it that I still had plantar fasciitis of the heel?

"How would your wife like to wear hiking sandals and trainers every time she went out of the house for nine loooooong months!"  I tried not to sound bitter, but I guess the poor guy could see through me.  He commiserated, said he understood.

How could this man understand that for nine months I couldn't wear dangling chandelier-like ear-rings, or a pretty frock, or feminine clothes because "I have to dress down to match my footwear!"

I told him about how by my third to last day in Las Vegas, mid-afternoon, I had to stumble back to my room at the MGM Grand because I couldn't walk anymore.  I told him how I'd spent months pre-Vegas, searching for just the right glitter clothes to wear at night and how because of my stupid foot I couldn't go out at night because by day's end in Vegas, I could hardly hobble. 

I told him how I wore an ordinary pair of pretty sandals for the first two nights of my holiday - only two lousy nights - because I wanted to look normal for a change.  And that those 'normal' sandals, coupled with walking on casino marble floors, ruined my heel for the rest of my stay.

I told him how, whilst staying at the MGM Grand (five nights), the only way I could get around the room was by pushing a wheelie chair ahead of me as a 'walker'.

 And that was when I burst into tears.

The doctor could only commiserate.  "The healing takes time," he said.

Well ....  I've booked for a summer holiday of hiking on Waiheke Island for this coming summer.  Last summer I could only hobble backwards and forwards to the bus stop at Waiheke.  If I can't hike there this year,  I will go back to my doctor, and I will have an honest-to-goodness tantrum.  Sigh.

Oh, above is a pic of me, taken at the MGM Grand, with the wheelie chair that I had to use as a walking frame for the last five days of my holiday.

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