Monday, September 2, 2013

United States and Kiwi television commercials

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I couldn't get over the pharmaceutical tv commercials when I was in the States.  Across the top of about three-quarters of, say, a pill commercial,  a voice would drone out warning the possible purchaser of side effects..... "....wind, bloating, anaemia, diarrhea, coughing, flu, plantar fasciitis, glacoma, corns, earache, botulism, fever, the black plague, zombie-ism, bunions, tennis elbow, the ague, fatigue, angry mothers-in-law, obesity, anorexia, alcoholism, scurvy, toothache, hallucinations, seeing fairies at the bottom of the garden, old age, youth, square eyes, housemaid's knee.....

Well, you get the idea.  Because of the length of the droning, nothing of any consequence that required conversation could be done in the actual underlying commercial.  So, there was always a scene of a vibrant family, usually with a dog, and a ball, gambolling happily through fields of daisies.  Quite a change from NZ tv commercials where we usually just have a tiny-teeny hard-to-read line at the bottom of a screen advertising health products that, perhaps, reads: "Possible side effects.  Please see your pharmacist."

Incidentally, a friend's relative came over from England and couldn't get over the sheep drench adverts we show in prime time.

My favourite NZ tv commercial of all time is the Cadbury Crunchie Bar Great Train Robbery from the 1970's.  It features the old steam train, the Kingston Flyer out of Queenstown, which tourists can still ride, See below.


I went and saw Rod Stewart at Caesars Palace when I was in Las Vegas.  He was fantastic.  He kicked soccer balls right up into the top tier of the audience.  For an old guy, he can certainly cavort around that stage.  His voice is still great.  Below is a pic of the curtain in the theatre before the show started, and also a pic of the outside advertising.

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