Tuesday, September 24, 2013

April Showers, lah-de-dah-dah.

Hi there

Remember the old song "April Showers", symbolising that it always rains in Spring?   Well, of course, Spring for us here in New Zealand, in the Southern Hemisphere,  is September.  I expect I should be singing about 'September Showers' but that doesn't seem quite right.

We had some thunder and lightening about a week ago.  Unlike Auckland, Wellington doesn't often get thunder and lightening.  I can only remember two such storms over the last half dozen years.   But this last one was a real exhibition!

My ceiling sprung a leak.  Well, a mini waterfall, actually.  .Oh, and here's a hint for the beginner:  Never decide to poke a broom handle into the big 'blister' on the ceiling after a rain storm - you'll end up looking like a drowned rat!

My insurance excess is $1000, and it looks like the repairs of window frame, ceiling, plastering, painting, etc will come to just under $1000.    I hate insurance excesses.  I can remember when there were no excesses to leapfrog over.  In the 1960's the insurance company put a block on my friend always claiming for lost umbrellas because she was losing so many of them.  Can you imagine an insurance company today paying out on a lost umbrella?

J and I feel as if we havent been swimming in ages, even though it's probably just been a week or so.   Still, we have done our minimum four for September.

We went down to the beach yesterday to 'look at the water' which proved to be murkey and incredibly rough so we dejectedly trudged home.  This stupid rain......

Here's a pic of my lounge ceiling.

Oh, the Americas Cup?  I havent looked at the race or the news, or listened to any of the races on radio for about 2 days now.  I'm over it.  Once Oracle got their new captain, they improved no end.  Curse you, Russell Coutts, you are New Zealand's yachting nemisis - you're doing it again!

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