Monday, September 9, 2013

Las Vegas Ferris Wheel


I've just read that the new ferris wheel in Las Vegas is going to be the biggest ferris wheel in the world.  When I was in Vegas last month (August 2013), I saw it in the process of being built and I just thought "Ho-hum, another giant ferris wheel, you can't go anywhere around the world now without tripping over them...." 

But as I have just this moment (five minutes ago, actually) found out, well, I will repeat it, that this is the BIGGEST ferris wheel in the world.... and it opens for business this coming Monday.  Wow, I witnessed history in the making.  I even took some pics, from out of the monorail window.

(Oh, J and I got in our third swim at Hataitai Beach, for september, yesterday. It's easier to do a Hi-3 after a swim than it is to do a Hi-1.  Hi-5 is the ideal, of course, in most people's books.  However, a Hi-10 is our most satisfying.)

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