Friday, September 6, 2013

1st swim for September at Hataitai Beach

Hi there

Between bad weather and a round of head colds, there hasn't been any swimming for nearly two weeks.  Today (Saturday), however, we made it down to Hataitai Beach.   It was low tide, so we trooped out forever until the water got up to a reasonable height to allow us to low-dive in.  J and I felt so good.  It was extremely hard, however, to do a "Hi-1" to celebrate the first swim for September - we used index fingers!  We do prefer our Hi-whatevers to be in double digits.

The steps leading from the changing sheds down to the water are re-built.  Thank you, Wellington City Council.  We are breathlessly awaiting the arrival of the repair guy to water-proof and splinter-proof the steps, and to add rims.

The bottom step of the new steps doesn't quite meet up with the concrete step that's already in the water.  The consequence is that it's now one big leap for (wo)mankind.   We oldies don't look so elegant stepping(stumbling?  leaping?  jumping? crawling?  falling?) down into the sea.

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