Friday, August 23, 2013

the joy of staying at The Flamingo in Las Vegas

Hi again

One of the hotels I stayed at in Las Vegas was the Flamingo.  The casino itself isn't much to write home about compared to my second hotel - the MGM Grand which has 32 eating places in it's building - but my actual Flamingo suite was purringly wonderful.  It was light-coloured and modern, exactly to my taste compared to the fussy over-the-top Paris Hotel from last year.


AND ...I had a tv in the bathroom mirror!!!    How can I ever go back to my old analogue tv now.... well, I can't actually for much longer obviously because next month Wellington is switching over to digital... and I am not prepared in the least.  I'll have to run out and buy a new tv or a freeview box or whatever.  I was so busy thinking about LV, I forgot completely about the switchover. Heeeelllllp....

More Flamingo bathroom:

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