Thursday, October 17, 2013

A couple of days in Auckland

Hi there
I went up to Auckland on Tuesday morning and flew back Wednesday night (free flights from Jetstar).  I went to Skycity Fortuna Restaurant for a nice buffet lunch, Hectors in the Heritage Hotel for a great buffet breakfast, Firewood at Mission Bay for a good burger meal, Sylvia Park Mall for a wander (mostly same brand-shops that are in Wellington), walked half the length of scenic harbour-side Tamaki Drive (glad I hadnt brought my bathing suit because the water was murky), and took the ferry to Devonport for an explore.  And I think I  have finally worked out the correct trainers to wear with the correct inner-soles because I did a lot of walking in Auckland and my heel was only on low-level hurt.

Oh, and The sitcom queen struck again:

The waiter at 'Firewood' said to me, "Did you enjoy your burger?"

I felt that I had to explain to him why I'd left some of it.  "I don't like to eat bottoms," I said.

"Who does?" he said, straight-faced.

"I really hate soggy bottoms," I added, completely oblivious, for the moment, to any other meaning.

"Me, too," he said.

What?  Straight out of "Are you being Served?" or perhaps a Carry-On movie .... ?

     Oh, J and I got in a fifth swim today (Thurs) for  October.  We're staying in the water much longer nowadays.

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