Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Walking the (Wednesday) Dog

Hi there

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday means that I look after Coco, my friend Lorraine's little shih tsu  dog   Yes, yes, my friend's name is Lorraine,too, and we have the most hilarious public conversations by continually addressing each other by name.  Leaving messages for Lorraine is often difficult because recipients always think I'm stuttering or have Alzheimers.

Today, I took Coco to an enclosed dog-playing plot of grassy land which is diagonally opposite Hataitai Beach   I never let Coco off her leash under normal circumstances so I expected her to leap in the air, this time, with the doggie bark equivalent of "Freeeeeee!!!"

She looked up at me, big brown eyes querying what she should do.

"Run," I said to her.  "Explore... dance...  sing....   It's up to you, sweetie.  The whole plot of land is yours..."

She slowly plodded along the fenceline.

I flapped my arms to encompass the whole doggie playground, just to show Coco that she could move to the middle of it.,  "Fly, my pretty," I shouted.  She either couldn't understand English or wasn't a fan of flying monkeys and nasty witches from Oz

Coco crept moodily right around the ultimate edge of the enclosure,  regardless of my leaping, shouting, calling, clapping, and pleading for her to come into the centre.  

"Come on, baby!  Come on!  Run with me - "  I was puffing as I zig-zagged madly around the field..   Did I embarrass Coco?  Who knows?  She was carefully not meeting my eyes.

Coco patiently waited for me at the entrance gate.  I attached the leash to her collar and she took off down the footpath at a hundred kms an hour, woofing madly, happily.  I guess my little Wednesday dog is truly an urban pup.

Oh, today J and I got in our eighth swim at Hataitai Beach for October.  Coco sulked in my car.

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