Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fourth swim down!

Hi there
Well, yesterday, we got in our fourth swim at Hataitai Beach for October so we've reached our minimum already.  What's more, yesterday, we swam in the rain!  Well, okay, it was only light sprinkles....  And we swam for quite a while.  We just didnt want to get out of the water.   I did feel cold afterwards however this was probably because directly after the swim, I spent a good five minutes wandering around the freezer section at Countdown Supermarket and it didn't help the warmth factor one bit.

The sealant window guy came and (finally) fixed the leak in my skylight-type window yesterday so I can now remove the bucket and towel from the lounge, good talking point though it proved to be.  Now, I have to get the painters and plasterers in to fix the ceiling.  Sigh, money, money, money.....

My little Wednesday dog, Coco, is coming today.  I so look forward to her visits.

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