Tuesday, February 25, 2014

embarrassing confession

Hi there
Several weeks ago my printer suddenly stopped working.  The paper was trying it's darnest to sink down into the paper feeder but no paper was rolling out.  There were several jobs that I desperately needed to print and I was truly frustrated.  I didn't want to call in My Computer Man, as I kind of thought he would just press a button, put out his palm and say "$110 please".  Several friends looked my printer over, and left scratching their heads. I trotted down to Harvey Norman and looked into buying a new printer. 

In the end I asked my friend, A.J, for help.    A.J. is the author of "The Wizard's Guide to Wellington", and she's the one who originally set this blog up for me.

"I think there's something jammed in the paper feeder," A.J  said, burrowing her fingers down deep.

Oh, yippeee, I thought.  It would be paper.  I mean techno people always rant about paper jams.  I was just one of many paper jammers?

"It's a ..... pen!"  A.J. flourished forth a BIC ballpoint.

Oh dear. 

Point of the story.  Never stack things up on top of your printer; items tend to escape.


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