Saturday, February 15, 2014

Even more Waiheke.....sorry!

Hi there
I'm still on my Waiheke Island buzz.  I didn't take my camera with me, but I did have my new mobile phone.  Yes, that's right, not just my old mobile that barely got text and phoning done, but a brand new one that seems like I can do everything on it ,bar boil an egg.  Or, maybe it truly can boil an egg; I haven't looked at 99.9% of the features yet.

This phone is a very cheap basic model, but let's see if I can rescue some of the pictures that I took...

The first pic is of a for-sale sculpture in front of a shop in the main street of Oneroa, on the Island.  I think it's fabulous.  The bottom part of the sculpture is an ice cream, the top part is The Beehive, which is another name for NZ's Parliament Buildings.  So, I guess the sculpture represents that the country's management which was like very soft anyway, has now toppled over (out of its cone, ie the bosom of the people) and is gradually melting away - or is this just my interpretation?

 Below is a fish meal I had at a Palm Beach area restaurant, part of the Waiheke Island Resort at the top of the hill above the beach.  It was just okay. There was a sort of bottom layer of some sort of potato-kumara thingee, and this threw me because I couldn't identify what the vegetable really was.

 But there was a wonderful view looking down to Palm Beach.  The prices were, I guess, reasonable.  I think I just picked the wrong dish - as per usual.  Other diners seemed to have better-looking more filling identifiable dishes.

Below was taken on one of Auckland's main streets.  I thought someone had dumped a sack of rubbish beside a bin,  Turned out it was a backpacker in a sleeping bag.


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