Friday, February 28, 2014

drivers who can't park between the lines

Hi there

Sorry, gentlemen but .......   Why is it that every driver who zooms into a supermarket parking spot, parking all skew-whiff across the line, is usually a male?  Well, actually, I'm being kind of nice here, because I better tell the truth:  they're always male.

I figure this type of driver wants to show how macho he is, showing off that he can zoom into a parking spot, rush out of his car, and run into the store in one  - what-he-thinks - is a fluid movement.  I mean, his time is so important that nobody else counts, yeah? 

Don't these drivers realise that other patrons just think they're not very good at driving?  Maybe even learners?   I drive into a space and if my parking skills aren't that good - and they mostly aren't - then I reverse out and go forward again until I have it right.

I admit that some women (again, me, as a for instance) might not be that good at driving, but in supermarket parking, I do think we're pretty okay.

Here's a pic of the car that was parked next to me at New World Supermarket in Miramar today.


I now think I have a fifth reader of this blog.  This one in the UK.  How exciting can things get?  It appears that owners of iPads can finally get through to write comments.  Thank you 'Anonymous' for doing your darndest to get through.  I appreciate all the attempts (I deleted a couple of the practise runs)) and, finally, you made it!


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  5. Now for a proper comment. I know it is said that a bad workman blames his tools but I drive a Honda Civic which I find very difficult to park because it has a small turning circle. I go backwards and forwards umpteen times before I get between those white lines. Last August my husband and I stayed in an apartment in France. When out on the balcony overlooking a street below, we saw many French drivers come and go in and out of the tiny parking spaces. They were amazing. They stopped in exactly the right positions and got in and out on the first attempts, often touching the front and rear of the parked cars. I do not have this skill.