Sunday, March 2, 2014

Swimming at Hataitai beach

Hi there

J and  I have been cruising along with our swimming since about October.  Today everything ,changed.  We got in the water, and there was beautiful blue sky overhead, but by the time we got out, thunder clouds were approaching.  The winds were chilly.,

And my feet in my sandals were freezing.   Freezing toes usually means winter swimming is on the way.

J's chauffeur met us as we were coming out of the water.  He said the forecast for this afternoon was thunder, hail, cold, rain.   As I drove home, it started to rain.  And as I type this, (about an hour out from the beach ) I cannot seem to get warm.

Oh dear, will we be able to complete winter swimming - we go in wearing just our bathing suits, no wet suits for us! - this year.  Or will we chicken out?

The first day of Autumn, here in NZ, was 1 March.......  


(Oh, heck, I better sign off as I can hear thunder coming from over Island Bay way.  I don't want possible lightening to home in on my computer)

Here's a not very good photo of one of the gateposts at Weta Workshop, in Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand, just up the road from where I live.  It depicts a dwarf from The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies.

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