Thursday, March 6, 2014

...but can you do it on your knuckles?

Hi there

First ...    I can do one-arm push-ups.  In fact, I am pretty brilliant on one-arm push-ups.  It's my party piece.  Not bad for an old dog, eh? 

I would say that about 50% of folk who watch me doing my one-arm push-ups say something like:  "But can you do it on your knuckles?"  Or "What about the other arm?"  Or "How about a dozen one-arm push-ups on the back of a pony, juggling ten coffee cups, twirling  hoops around your arms and legs, and balancing a pussy cat on your nose?"

Okay, I admit I have tried the pony thing, and I just can't do it.   The pussy cat keeps falling off.

My friends tell me the same thing about their achievements.  "It's a nice painting, but have you thought about putting  a bird on that tree?" was one comment given to a friend.  She was devastated, the painting had taken a long time to do and she was so proud of it. 

Another friend got this comment:  "I know it was your first attempt and you spent a long time throwing that bowl, and painting it, and firing it, but why didn't you do a saucer, too?" 

What about, "The scones are great.  You never thought of adding cinammon?"

Oh-oh-oh, here's  one:  "You're swimming in just your bathing suits throughout a Wellington winter?  How long do you stay in the water?  An hour? " 

Heck, I'm telling you, not many folk stay in the water, in summer, for an hour.  In the middle of winter, ten minutes is a challenge.

Praise can so build up a person.   If someone takes ages and ages to learn something, please don't dismiss the achievement by asking why they arent doing it at a higher level.  It's so traumatic.


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