Thursday, March 13, 2014

And which decades do you remember?

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When I lived through the fifties and sixties, I thought we were in the height of modernity.  It's only now that I watch tv (English) programmes set in the fifties like "Call the Midwife" that I think, "I lived through that?  How did we all stand it?  Everything looks so old-fashioned."

We didn't have fridges, and we had one (corded) telephone per house - and that phone took 3 months for the Post Office people to install.  No tv until the sixties, and only one channel for years and years, and certainly no remote controls on anything.  Not many people had cars, and those that did, well, they bought three-quarter 'car coats' and driving gloves. and the highlight was going out on the Sunday 'run around the bays' - this was always a big dress-up expedition.

In the sixties, we got our fridge.  An Astral that sat on the top of a cupboard, with a tiny freezer box inside.  The freezer box just about took a packet of frozen peas - the only frozen thing  on the market to purchase at that time.   Mum came home with the packet of peas and we oohed and aahed and kept opening the tiny door in the freezer compartment to look at the packet.   Frozen peas?  Oh, my goodness, how modern were we?

I also remember bouncing in my seat at The Brunch Bar, upstairs in James Smith's department store, waiting for a meal of Fish Fingers and coleslaw to arrive.  When they first came in, Fish Fingers couldn't be bought by 'normal' people.  They were only for cafes and restaurants and bought in bulk.  Coleslaw was exotic, too.  As was Weiner Shnitzel, and croissants.  Oh, the list goes on....

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  1. Yes, we had all that but what about the music? That was the best part.