Saturday, March 15, 2014

... and what decade was our favourite for music?

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As my english blog reader has pointed out in the comments.... what about our favourite decades for music?

Of course I was in to rock'n'roll.  Even today, I can't hear "Rock Around the Clock" or "See You Later, Alligator" without wanting to get up and dance.

Then there was The Beatles.  I waited 7 hours at Wellington Airport to holler and scream at them  (I went to two of their concerts, front row seats).  Years later, I even wrote an account about my airport-waiting for the New Zealand School Journal, entitled "The Day I Saw The Beatles".

In the late fifties-early sixties, Britain's King of Rock'n'Roll was Cliff Richard.  In my adoration stakes, Cliff was second after Elvis.

What?  You're all laughing?   Cliff's an old guy, a pensioner, he sings grandma songs, Christmas songs, he's a fogey? 

Sigh.  We all grow old.....

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  1. Helen isn't laughing. she thinks Cliff is great for his age and still loves him.