Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hataitai Beach kayaks

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J and I have been swimming practically every day this month at Hataitai Beach.  Over the last week, the water has been really nice.  We struck one little patch the other day that we called 'our spa pool', it was so warm.  I always worry when I swim into a warmer patch of water because I think it might attract sharks and sting-ray.  So I'm in two minds whether to bask away, or high-tail it back to colder waters.

Many of our beach friends are saying farewells to each other, expecting any day now to suddenly stop coming to the beach.  All it takes is one storm, a bout of coldness and... that's it!  We won't see each other again until next summer.   With J and myself, it is different because we try to get in a certain number of swims per month all year round and, boy, do we get stressed out trying to reach that number when we only have a few days left for the month.  We chew our nails praying that the weather will be fine, the tide will be high, and we won't feel Alaskan-cold in just our normal bathing suits with, perhaps, a light t-shirt for warmth.  No wetsuits for us..

This year, however, I admit I am beginning to feel a bit ....wimpy about winter swimming.

Yesterday there was a bunch of beginning kayakers at the beach.  Both them, and J and myself worried about getting into each other's territory.  We didn't really have a successful swim because we were a bit wary about being mowed down by the seafaring newbies.  We skittered away any time a kayak came close.  Many of the kayakers seemed to go backwards when they were trying for forwards.

Several newbies  couldn't get back into their kayaks after going for a 'roll'.

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