Monday, March 3, 2014

Kilbirnie Park - what are these white blobs?

Hi there

I was walking alongside Kilbirnie Park this morning, on my way to the gym, and I saw little white blobs strategically spaced all over the grass.

Some sort of white blobby alien invasion?  Quick, put the airforce on high alert.  Oh, hang on, didn't we mothball all our jet-fighter planes several years' ago?

Maybe vandals had scattered fluffy sudsy stuff all over the grounds?  I truly was tempted to pick it up and blow it into the air.  How sweet.

Some new sporty activity, perhaps?    One that includes something or someone zooming in and out and around white fluffy disclike ....things?     I better look up Wikipedia..

Wait ....  there's a notice warning about weed killing.....    Oh, it's blobs of weedkiller.

Lock up your dogs, cats, inquisitive teens, and those folk who always like to press their finger against a wall where there's a notice that reads "Wet Paint".


Oh, and I think I will have to take back what I said the other day about just men parking skew-whiff in supermarket carparks.  A woman shot in beside me today and I swear she was in something reminiscent of an army tank.  She parked way over the line and into my personal space. I am so embarrassed for womanhood.  But, hey, maybe it's just drivers of such huge SUVs that are causing the trouble.  Mmmmm, I'll have to think about this.

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