Sunday, February 2, 2014

Doings at Hataitai Beach

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I don't know if it's something to do with the King tides that Aucklanders have been yakking about a lot lately, but low tide at Hataitai Beach the other day was extraordinarily low.  J and I decided that for a change, instead of swimming out to a buoy,  we would see if we could walk to it. 

J strode out confidently, or as confidently as one can stride in water (it's a bit like trying to make headway through treacle), with me behind her, continually calling out "Can you still touch the ground, can you still touch it....?"  A variation on "Are we there yet?"

Darn-it.  We were this far from the buoy when we finally had to swim.  If we'd  both been maybe a hand's height taller, we would have made it.

J raised the buoy above her head like it was a prize cup,  and shook it.  Wimp that I am, I worried about getting tangled up in the cable.

Back on shore, a group of us sat on the deck and chattered.  There was a van parked just beside us on the road, with a picture on the side wall of a box of vegetables and fruit.  In big splashy letters, a sign read "Organic Boxes"

One of our number mused, "Why would people want to buy an organic box?  What would an organic box be made of?"

Silence for a time as we all contemplated boxes made of  egg-shells or hemp.

A young man sunbathing to the side of us, piped up:  "Actually, it's my van.  And it's the fruit and vegetables in the boxes that are organic, not the boxes."


Organic Boxes, it appeared, was a home delivery service.

He gave $20 vouchers to everyone in our little group.  Nice one.

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