Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Garden ..... weeded!

Hi there

Whoopee!  My garden is weed-free. 

I called a man in!  Yes, I admit I should have done it myself, but just the throught of all those weeds turned me into a stressed out something-or-other. If I'd done the weeding, it would have taken weeks because I would have procrastinated something awful.  As it was, 'the man' did the the job in about an hour.  Not only did he do the back garden and the side-of-the house border garden, he also took out all the tall weeds growing out of cracks in the concrete.  Now you can actually see the trunk of my fig tree.

Because I'm as useless on computers as I am at weeding, I got in a man  (a different man) to install some computer stuff,  While he was at it, I insisted he change the photo on my website.  I mean, who wears blue tinted glasses nowadays?

Oh, I do seem to be awash with men.  Today, two men (count them, 'two') came to fix my roof ... the sixth attempt by various service people .  When was it that my ceiling started leaking like Niagara?  Oh that's right, about three-quarters way through last year, yes?

PS:  The water today at Hataitai Beach was quite warm.  What a pity that it was choppy; I kept swallowing it.   And that guy who washes his clothes in a plastic bag on the deck in front of the changing sheds?  He's  been busily sudsing, and scrubbing, and hanging his gear out to dry for three days now. 

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