Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just Returned from...wait for it!.... Eketahuna!!

Hi there.
I've just had four nights up the line in an Eketahuna cottage rental.  It's an hour and a half away from Wellington, 25 minutes past Masterton, 1 km off Highway No 2.

Don't laugh.  I know that everybody in NZ thinks of Eketahuna as, like, Timbuktoo or The back of Beyond, and folk smirk when Eketahuna is mentioned.  But I truly love The Cottage where I stay.  It's a couple of minutes drive from Mt Bruce Wildlife Sanctuary where if you're lucky you can see one of their two white kiwis, the only ones in the world.  I saw one and it looks like a couple of fluffy snowballs with spindly legs and a beak.

The Cottage is one bedroom - I'll show you interior photos some other time.  There is a swimming hole just in front of The Cottage and nothing surrounding the place but sheep/fields/trees/birds singing/river babbling.  Not one house to be seen.  Take note though, that it can get pretty windy.

I swam half a dozen times.  On Wednesday, I swam three times in one day.  Sheer bliss.  The Cottage details are on the Baches & Holiday Homes to Rent website, #573.

that's not a house to the left, it's a sort of sheep barn.

looking out of the side window

taken from the verandah looking down to river

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