Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Worser Bay Sunshine

Hi there

I didn't go to Hataitai Beach today.  The weather was absolutely glorious and I decided to do the half hour walk over the hill from Miramar to Worser Bay

I walked in a new pair of  delicate strappy sandals.

At the halfway point, otherwise known as The Point of No Return, one strap fell off.  By the time I
hit Worser Bay, my feet were aching.

I had a couple of swims, read three-quarters of a book, did half of a crossword, whiled away four hours, and walked home again,   Or should I say 'hobbled' home.  It was a looooong walk.

Right now, my feet are positively burning.  I'll have blisters on the soles of both feet by tomorrow.  Plus further blisters on two heels, as well as on  two little piggy toes.  What a treat for me if the dreaded plantar fasciitis makes a return!

Still, it was so lovely today floating in the water surrounded by such amazing scenery, hearing happy squeals from the dozens of kiddies at the beach, and watching a giant container ship leaving Wellington Harbour, a little tug boat in its wake.

Looking down on Worser Bay.  Photo taken a couple of weeks ago.  Today the bay was extremely  crowded.

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