Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm such an excellent driver.....not!

Hi there
Two days before I left for Eketahuna, I visited a friend in Wellington Hospital.  As I was reversing out from the parking space I hit the car parked beside me  .....(pause for astounded oohhs and ahhhs and exclamations of  "but you're such a good driver!" and "I don't believe it!" from my four readers)...

I leapt out of my car, as did the woman in the other car.  We both peered at her car's back light and bumper.

Not a scratch.  I guess it was because she was surely driving the army's latest tank.  She would have needed a step ladder to even clamber up onto the front seat.

We peered at where my indicator light on my little Mazda should be.  There was a big hole.  My entire light fitting was on the road.  It had been sheered away from the car.

I was just glad that it was my car and not hers.  We parted amicably. 

Without a working indicator light, I wouldn't be able to go on holiday.  In panic I rushed to my panel beater (yeah, okay, I have a pet panel beater, so live with it), but he was closed for the Christmas/New Year holidays.  I rushed to another one.  Closed, as well.  I rang up my garage guy.  Closed.

I phoned my insurance people.  "You'll be lucky to find anything open," the insurance woman said.
She told me that she was only at work under protest.

Wait a sec....  I'll ring Mazda.

I did.  They sent me out to their parts shop in Petone.  To get to Petone I had to drive a four lane highwaywithout a working right-hand indicator.  Honestly, I'd rather have driven naked.  I was so stressed out.

The Mazda parts guy fixed my light.  I followed him into the shop,wallet at the ready.

"No charge," he said.  "Have a nice holiday."

But I was no novice at this.  I drew out a $10 note.  "Here's some beer money," I said.

"No. No, it's okay."

"Coca-cola money?" I ventured.

He shook his head.


He grinned.  He took my money.

Oh goodness, I am so professional at this tipping business.


I tripped over my laptop cord this afternoon and my computer crashed to the floor.  I couldn't get it operating for a long time, but now it seems to be okay.  If I'm missing for a time, you'll know I'm trying to get the laptop repaired.

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