Saturday, January 11, 2014

Getting lost amongst the weeds in my garden.

Hi there
I am having a troublesome time reconciling myself with the weeds in my back garden.  It's only a pocket-size garden..  However, I just can't find any motivation to weed it.  Every evening and every morning, I say to myself, "I have-to-have-to-have-to weed the garden".  Then, I take off to do things I would much rather do, like go to the beach or gym,  or take a walk, or watch tv, or visit the shops, or the dentist.  Yes, truly,  I'd rather go the dentist than weed a garden.

The weeds are so high I could almost-but-not-quite lose an elephant amongst them.  It looks like I have sheafs of wheat blowing in the wind.  In reality, I have no  flowers, shrubs, bushes, or bulbs in this so-called garden.  There is a fig tree.  The trunk of that tree is  completely obscured by the shoulder-high weeds.

This weeding thing has now become massive in my mind.  So massive, that I'm stressed about it.  My swimming friend, J, says if I do some weeding for ten minutes every day, I will soon have the garden weed-free.  J has even agreed to weed her own garden simultanously.  I guess I keep a phone beside me on the garden path and when I feel like I want to rebel and run away from home, I need to give her a call, and she'll talk me up.....  It's so neat to have a sponsor.

This afternoon, I shut the back door on my garden and went for a lovely walk to the hill above Worser Bay.  The weather was perfect

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