Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh dear, the weather in the States sounds horrific!

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Here I was moaning away about Wellington's dull-skies-with-occasional-showers whilst the  Americans and British are having absolutely terrible weather.  For the last few days, both countries' weather has been the lead items on our television and radio news, as well as in the papers.  There's floods in England, and awful-awful-awful snow and freezing temperatures in the USA.   My goodness, the temps in Chicago have dropped to way, way, way below zero.  I simply can't visualise these sorts of temperatures. To see the poor folk battling through the snow and wearing so many clothes that they could be mistaken for a herd of wombles is completely foreign to me.  Come to think about it, I've never even touched snow.  In my mind, it would feel, perhaps, like bubble bath.

My heart goes out to the poor people in the Northern Hemisphere....

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