Thursday, February 20, 2014

What personal resolutions in our lives were our favourites?

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I've had two resolutions in my life that literally stood out head and shoulders above everything else. One dealt with shorthand, and the other, aerobics....

I was in my late twenties, a Typist in the government, when I suddenly realised that unless I did something about that, I would be stuck as a Typist - the lowest typing rung imaginable -  forever.   In those days, one could only advance up the typing scale if one had shorthand abilities.  I did not know shorthand.

So, I bought some books and studied at home, right from scratch.  Every night, for over a year, after tea, I sat in the lounge with a tape recorder, a text book, and a shorthand notepad.

It's impossible to describe the joy I felt when I passed my shorthand exam..  A friend swore that when I jumped up in excitement, with pass mark in hand, that my head hit the ceiling.  Something about adrenalin, I guess.

Three weeks after I passed, the government rules were relaxed and non shorthand-typists could advance up the scale!    Still, I will never forget the triumph I felt by passing that exam.

My second triumph was when, in my forties, I got my Aerobic Instructors' Certificate.  Wow!   I only wanted it to write my own programmes, not actually teach a class - though I did run a few classes at work.  Receiving that certificate was just as exciting as when I passed my shorthand exam.

I wonder about other people's favourite resolutions??  Were they achieved?


Oh, below is another pic of Waiheke Island.  You can see the ferry, leaving Matiatia for Auckland, with a wake behind it.

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