Friday, July 18, 2014

Hobbit actors

Hi there

I was culling my computer pictures and I came across the ones I took at the charity cricket match between Hobbit actors and our NZ sports people which was in aid of the victims from the Christchurch earthquake.  Actual filming of "The Hobbit" had only just started at the time.

Here's a pic I took pointing the camera up to a balcony area at the Basin Reserve.   Russell Crowe is on the far left wearing red, but I just havent a clue if any of the people on the balcony are in the movie or not.  Maybe the two gorgeous looking guys  turned out to be hairy-beardy dwarfs, in which case I wouldn't be able to tell them from Adam.  Maybe they were sporty guys?  Anyone know?

Russell was so nice to me (again, see earlier blog).

I remember I took a picture of Richard Armitage at the premier  (see earlier blog) but until someone pointed him out, I really had no idea who the guy was.

Guess who was the mysterious actor in the yellow shirt?  (there's a  small clue in the picture!)

PS:  J and I have done four swims at Hataitai Beach this month.  Brrrrhhhh, cold....


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