Thursday, July 24, 2014

The swimmer in the thong

Hi there
I wonder if I have fooled you with the heading?

Today, J and I went for a swim at Hataitai Beach, Wellington, New Zealand.  Our fifth swim for the month.  We've had such terrible weather for the last couple of weeks.

When we arrived at the beach, the guy we call Thong Man was in the water.  He has been coming to the beach for a fair number of years now.  Summer, winter, he swims in just a  .... yes, you've guessed it ..... thong.  Or is it a g-string? - I never know the difference.  Anyway, with this gentleman, there's virtually nothing covering his bottom and a very small pouch at his front. 

He must be about 80 years old.

Today he insisted on talking to us about the weather as he got out of the water  and plodded up the stairs.  We were heading down the stairs.  Honest, we didn't know where to look!

On the one hand we admire his bravery swimming in the cold winter in such skimpy attire.  On the other hand we wish he'd swim in board shorts.  Heck, we'd even accept Speedos.  Better yet, how about a neck-to-toe diving suit....

Hataitai Beach. 

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