Monday, July 21, 2014

Las Vegas, Baby

Hi there

My friend and her husband are coming down from the Auckland region next week to house-sit for me.  I'm off to Las Vegas for a fortnight.  Whoopeee.....

Because I will only be taking cabin baggage consisting of a small hold-all, I have been having fashion parade after fashion parade over the last month, trying for materials I can wear that scrunch up to virtually nothing.  Chiffon mainly.  I've had so many fashion parade try-outs that I've had to wash all my clothes twice already 'cause I've handled them so much. 

Everything has to match with everything.  It's killing me that I can't weigh myself down in glitter clothes, a la Vegas, but as my long-term readers know, because of my plantar fasciitis of the heel, I have to dress down to match my trainers and my hiking sandals which are just about the only shoes I can wear nowadays (it's now been 18 months)..

I have the most gorgeous glitter purple chandelier dangly earrings.  I have a fantastic shimmery silver and black evening top.  I have sparkly evening shoes.  I have a tiara and a sceptre.....   No, no, only kidding about the sceptre.  Oh, all right, and the tiara.....    The point is that I won't be able to dress glittery and it's really upsetting me. 

A friend told me today to get out and buy a pair of sequinned sneakers,  She said any fashion goes in Las Vegas.  At first I was horrified by the thought of sparkly sneakers but I might just go out trawling shoe shops tomorrow....

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