Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Passport photos and mug shots

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I was reading the other day about that convict guy in America who looked so gorgeous in his mug shot that lots of women are swooning over him.  Apparently, he's been offered a model contract when (if) he gets out of prison.

And Hugh Grant looked great in his mug shot.  All that traumatic stuff happening to him, and he still looked boyishly adorable ...

I have never had a mug shot of myself, but my passport photo is horrific.  The first attempt at the camera shop was so bad that I trotted out of the store and went down the road to another place.  The photo from the second shop was just as horrific.  So I went to another place.  And then another ...

I well remember seeing one of the "I Love Lucy"  tv shows way back in, probably, the sixties.  Lucy just couldn't get a good passport photo of herself and ended up having dozens plastered all over a wall whilst she tried frantically to pick out a good one.  If I'd been able to afford it I, too, probably would have ended up with my lounge walls completely covered.

The one passport photo of me that was let's say 5% good, had my fringe down across my eyebrows.  The passport instruction stipulated that no hair should be obstructing the eyes.  After I explained my sad plight to the lady at the passport office ("Honest, I've never had a good photo of me in my life!  This one is the best of a bad lot..."), she said "Okay, we'll see if we can get away with it."

And I did get away with it.  My fringe-down-to-my-eyebrows photo now adorns my passport.  But even the photo thingee machine in the States at the airport on arrival rejected it three years' running  as I stood on the painted footprints and stared at the camera.  No-noooo,  it's computer brain was obviously yelling, you are not the person in this photo.  Go line up over there and be told off.

And you, my five readers, think I am going to show you that passport photo?  Dream on ....


J and I have done 3 swims for July.

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