Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Me, trying to diet! Lamingtons & Pepsi Max

Hi there

I've been on a double diet for a little while.  I've cut out Pepsi Max as well as any fattening food.   It's a very hard thing cutting out the two together. 

 I was up to a 1.5 litre bottle of Pepsi Max a day..  I'm now drinking a lot of water, and eating healthy food that I am totally detesting.

I did cut out Pepsi once before about five years ago,  and it took me three weeks of intense cravings before I could let it go from my mind.   Pepsi Max is sugarless but it has (I believe) three times more caffeine than ordinary Pepsi.  Probably this caffeine craving was why I went through such hell for those three weeks.  I was in such a bad mood - my friends saw me coming down the street and ducked behind lamp-posts or into shops to get away from me.    This time around, my Pepsi cravings lasted about ten days.

Now, it's my food cravings that reign supreme.  Today, Pepsi was on special at the supermarket.  I walked past the display with my hand across my eyes, muttering, "No, no,no", and I shot out of that aisle as quickly as I could ... to end up right-slap-dab in front of some cream-filled lamingtons!

Oh, nooooooooo......   I want-a-lamington-I-want-a-lamington-I-want-a-lamington-

Australian Lamingtons - stock photo

I didn't buy those darn lamingtons, but they've been in my food-filled thoughts for the last four hours.


  1. Do you have a recipe for pink lamingtons? My Kiwi husband loves them but they are hard to find here in England.

  2. A friend tells me: queen sponge recipe, cut into squares, dip in thin icing (hot water, butter, icing sugar, and a drop or two of red food colouring, though some people like to use jelly crystals). Then roll quickly in shredded coconut (not the baker rolling in shredded coconut, that would be silly. I wouldn't mind rolling in chocolate). Add cream filling, or not. Chocolate lamingtons for me... bah, humbug to raspberry ones - Hehehe