Saturday, June 6, 2015

Unforget-a-bull Bulls

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I always have a bit of a giggle when I drive through the little township of Bulls, here in New Zealand.  The people who work in the surely-no-more-than-twenty-little-shops obviously have a great sense of humour.   It must be difficult living in a place named Bulls, but these folk have leapt on the bull-wagon and truly  taken said bull by the horns, so to speak.  Many of the shops and even the rubbish bins have the word 'bull' comically somewhere in the labelling.

Veget-a-bull is the name of the fruit shop.   Delect-a-bull surely is a great name for an ice cream shop.  I would certainly pop in to sample the wares at "Afford-a-bull".

I would guess just about everybody's favourite is the local police station.  In big proud letters, it proclaims 'Const-a-Bull.  There's even a bull-ish painting on the police station garage door.

Bulls is on a corner of Highway No 1 if you're coming down the North Island from Wanganui, Auckland, Taupo or New Plymouth.

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