Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mid-winter swim, Hataitai Beach

21 June (NZ time), shortest day

Hi there

My swimming friend J and I did our mid-winter swim today at Hataitai Beach.  We never thought we'd be able to do it because yesterday's weather was so terrible.  But as I said to J this morning, "... even if the sea is crocodile-infested, I am definitely doing that swim today". 

J said, "What if there's faecal contamination?"

"Oh.... I might change my mind."

But there were no crocodiles.  No faecal contamination.  And no debris had yet reached our beach after yesterday's storm.  Blue skies, but it was extremely cold.  After our swim, we put on so many clothes you would have thought we were overweight polar bears.

 above: me
 above:  J
above: me

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