Wednesday, September 30, 2015

9 Swims, Hataitai Beach - made it!

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1 October, New Zealand time.

Well - big breath out, whooosh! - we made it...    My swimming friend, J, and I completed our minimum 6 swims for September.  In the end, I managed to get in 9.

It was a race though to do them, what with the weather being as bad as it has been.

One time, the tide was so low at Hataitai Beach that it took a full minute to plod out into the sea where the water was still only up to my knees.  It's cold, too.  But, sigh, needs must - we had to get those swims in.  When there are a lot of fine days we can pick and choose our tide times, but last month we didn't have the luxury of time, nor good weather.

Higher tides bring the sea almost up to the deck height and we can plunge straight from the steps down into the water:

Below : nearby boathouse

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