Friday, September 11, 2015

the wrong side?

Hi there

And here's my tiny grumble for today....  why do tourists who visit NZ barrel along on the right side of the footpaths - epecially in Queen Street, Auckland - when we officially walk on the left side over here?

Because Auckland is a tourist town, tourists sort of run rampant down the main street.  In work hours, of course, there are virtually no Aucklanders in Queen Street and, indeed, there are thousands upon thousands of tourists who are used to walking on the right.... and so they walk on the right!

I forced myself to walk on the right when I was overseas, and I get so annoyed that overseas tourists to Auckland don't treat my country with the same respect..

But then .... I'm thinking, "Wait! what say they honestly don't know they have to walk on the left in New Zealand?"  Just about everyone walking up and down Queen Street in daytime hours  is a tourist from a "let's walk on the right side" country, so they might think it's normal to do so in New Zealand?  The information may not be in guidebooks.

Okay, so for all you Asian, American, and European tourists and students  who go to Auckland, please take note, we walk on the left.  I am tired of crashing into people in Queen Street!

Oh, I feel so much better now.  Sometimes it's soooo good to get something off your chest ....

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