Sunday, September 27, 2015

September Showers

Hi there

My swimming friend, J, and I have had the most terrible time trying to get our minimum six beach swims in for September.  And it's so silly because in the coldest month, August, we got in ten swims and i was away for half that month.

But the September spring weather has not been cooperating. Rain, rain, and more rain.  Oh, and lots of wind.  I'm mindful of that old song about the spring season, "April Showers".  Reverse the seasons for the southern hemisphere - September - and the song could totally be about the whole of New Zealand this month.

Cross fingers we can get the allotted swims in, or else all this year's winter swims have been for nothing.  Hey, J, why did we start this year-round sea-swimming, anyway?

(for late-comers, here is the back-story:  we decided to be absolutely daring six years ago by sea swimming at least once a month.  The next year it rose to twice a month, then three times, followed by four and five times a month.  This year, our sixth - it is a minimum of six times a month.  I guess by the time we reach the age of about 100 we will be reporting to Hataitai Beach several times a day!)

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