Saturday, September 5, 2015

Elvis exhibit in Las Vegas

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There is a new exhibit in Vegas.  Elvis' estate, Graceland, has sent a whole lot of paraphenalia from their archives to  Las Vegas on permanent exhibition.  Elvis had sung at the International Hotel which turned into the Hilton, which turned into LVH, which is now Westgate, which is where the exhibit is.  This hotel is at the end of the monorail track

I was giddy with excitement;  there was so much Elvis-owned stuff.  From the age of, oh, eleven I  have liked Elvis.  I wrote to him while he was in the army.  I remember telling friends that "Oh, I don't expect a reply but someone will tell Elvis that he has 5,000 fan letters this week and it will perk him up.  He'll know that we haven't deserted him."   !!!

below: some of his stage costumes

below: some of Elvis' personal things

below:  Elvis' mother's shoes and her poodle purse

below:  Lisa Marie's baby clothes

Adjacent to the Elvis exhibit in Westgate is a wedding chapel.  Notice how the  entrance resembles the gates at Graceland.  The cake is a replica of Elvis' and Priscilla's real cake

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