Friday, September 18, 2015

The 100 Day Kiwi Bach - repeat upon repeat

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You know how it's said that "you can't go back",  or "life is an endless loop", or "not another darn repeat on tv?"   Well, I had my back to the television as I was washing the dishes -

There was a commerical break on Choice TV, and I was sure I'd heard the same promo twice on the trot.  I sighed.  Did Choice truly think they could win hearts with this ploy?

Apparently, yes, because the same commercial came up a third time.  Now, how many times that particular ad was aired before I consciously recognised the repetitiveness of it, I have no idea.

I sat down on the sofa and started counting.  One .... two ...  three ..

It was a a station commercial, advertising an upcoming renovation programme called "The 100 Day Kiwi Bach".   A New Zealand holiday bach is usually, by tradition, a one-roomed home-made holiday hut, crammed with bunks, sleeping bags, kids and dogs, often with an outside loo.

Four times ... five times ...  six times ... seven times ... eight times ... nine times that same teaser trailer played out ...

The show was apparently to be about building a bach in Taupo over a certain number of weeks.  The host guy showed us a gorgeous green paddock, and then showed the paddock to us again after it had been  turned into a bulldozed muddy acreage that looked like a gaggle of badly disorganised Orcs had run rampage.  The host was devastated. 

I wasn't devastated in the least.  A bach?  Goodness, I don't have any bach-building skills, but give me an Orc ravaged field, some planks of wood, a couple of hundred nails, a flat lump of corrugated roofing iron, and I was sure I could handle the job in way under 100 hours, forget your 100 days!

Maybe the bach was going to have crystal chandeliers, a wet room (I've never quite worked out what a wet room actually is and I won't look it up because I love to visualise all sorts of things), a grand staircase straight out of "Gone With the Wind" and, maybe, an annex for a butler and maid?

Ten times ... eleven times ... Twelve times ...thirteen times ... would this trailer never stop looping.  Talk about Groundhog Day.  The starting time of  "The 100 Day Kiwi Bach" programme would probably be etched in my mind forever:  9pm Friday.

Fourteen times ... fifteen times ... SIXTEEN TIMES!

.... and Choice TV was back to it's home renovation programme.

.... and I was back to washing the dishes, so glad I didn't have to do that chore sixteen times.

above is info on "The 100 day kiwi bach".

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