Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Beach towel envy

Hi there

Fame is a funny thing.  I am not envious of film stars,  or millionaires, or people who can set up computers with their eyes shut  (well, yes, maybe i am a tad jealous of people who can set up computers with their eyes shut).

But I do get - and I hate to admit it - riddled with beach towel envy.  I am always searching for the perfect beach towel.  The fluffiest beach towel ... the thickest ... the beach towel with the brightest colours ... the one that tells a story in a picture.   I want to locate the world's most perfect beach towel, the beach towel to bring me fame throughout Hataitai Beach, if not the world.

Sadly, such fame has been denied me.

My bestie beach friend who goes by the initial J has upped me.  And, to make it even more sad, by a fluke.

Her towel is an exact replica of the beach towel used by the hero in the Australian/New Zealand comedy/drama tv series "800 Words".

"The same pattern, size, colours, border-!"  J is jubilant.  Who knew that an  Aussie journalist who moved his rebelling family to a hicksville beach in  New Zealand (and yes, that's the plot of "800 Words") would shop at the same place as my friend, J.

This guy looks after it as carefully as if the towel were a treasured family  heirloom, only dropping it as he's about to enter the water.  Full exposure for the towel, if not the hero.

J, of course, is smugly happy.  Her beach towel is all but a television star!

Me?  I've thrown in the towel.  You win, J.


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